A campground in Washington state has finally solved the not-so-age-old question: Do Bears prefer Ranier or Busch?

Turns out, the answer is Ranier, but how did we arrive at this conclusion in the first place?? Let's back it up a second..

NBCnews.com takes us to Baker Lake Resort in Washington where Wildlife rangers found a bear apparently hammered. How did they know he was hammered? Well, maybe they had some clues to help them figure it out. For one, there were quite a few empty beer cans scattered throughout the scene of the crime... thirty-six to be exact.

A black bear invaded the campground, breaking into some campers' coolers, and shotgunned 3 dozen beers. Apparently, a black bear's favorite beer is Ranier brand. The majority of beers found were Raniers although the rangers did report a few Busch cans also turned up. When the rangers found the bear, it climbed a tree and slept off the hangover for a few hours.


Eventually, the bear ran off, but returned the next day, so the rangers trapped and relocated the animal so it couldn't keep creeping around the campground. No word on whether or not another instance like this has occurred since, but as for this party animal, he definitely knows how to have a good time.

Source: NBCnews.com

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