The beautiful beaches, the amazing nightlife, and the fun casino atmosphere are just a few of the reasons thousands of people flock to Atlantic City each and every day.

If you're a sweets person, you might just want to consider making the trip for that reason alone.

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Sure, Atlantic City has AMAZING restaurants regardless of the cuisine you're craving, but there's one spot that locals are OBSESSED with when it comes to delectable desserts.

That place is none other than Bar 32.

Located on Tennessee Avenue, Bar 32 has some of the richest dessert dishes in all of the Garden State. I should know. I even have one of their chocolate scented candles because it smells so good.

If you're looking for rich and decadent dishes for an after-dinner treat, you need to get out to this place.

Some of the most favored dessert dishes offered at Bar 32 are the Mole Mole S'mores, Mama's Chocolate Cannoli Supreme, and every chocolate-lovers' favorite, Resurrection By Chocolate:

They stop at desserts, either.

One of the best places to meet for some of the most amazing drinks in the city is right within the same walls. Bar 32 has gorgeous dessert cocktails that match everyone's palate. Whatever your drink of choice, you'll find the most delicious candy cocktail to suit your taste for any occasion.

If you've never been to Bar 32, know that they're Happy Hour is currently running every Friday and Saturday from 4-6p.

Check them out on Instagram HERE.

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