released their top 25 beaches in the U.S. and the world. South Jersey was snubbed. There were no South Jersey or even any New Jersey beaches on the list. The Jersey Shore is a very popular vacation destination, clearly at least one beach belonged on the list. I'm saying it's a conspiracy.

Not only is it ridiculous that there were no South Jersey beaches on the list, the number one beach isn't a real beach. Coming in at number one is Clearwater Beach in Florida. Here is my issue with this, it's on the Gulf of Mexico. As a born and raised Jersey girl, if it's not the ocean it's not a beach. To make it worse, number two is Siesta Key, Florida which is also on the Gulf. Worldwide, Clearwater comes in at number 7 and is the only U.S. beach on the list.

Am I wrong? Does the Gulf of Mexico have beaches or are they just sandy areas? I'm going with sandy areas.

Florida is home to 8 of the top 25, Hawaii not surprisingly has 9, California is home to 4 beaches, and Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, and Massachusetts have 1. The Northeast only has one representation with Race Point Beach in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Massachusetts beat out South Jersey? I'm offended by this. Who thinks, "hey I want a beach vacation let me go to Massachusetts?" No one, that's who. You go to Massachusetts to go visit Boston, go to Wahlburgers, and try to run into Mark and Donny Wahlberg. You don't go there for the beach.

Tripadvisor, we feel snubbed here in South Jersey.

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