Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon Tyner called Kyle Powell, 31, a coward after pleading guilty to a charge of Bias Crime against a 6-year-old in an Atlantic County courtroom.

According to Tyner, back on  June 28, 2018, Powell "went on the social media website, and posted below two photographs of the victim’s biracial daughter, age 6, racially offensive words and threatened violence against her."

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Here are Tyner's comments on the case:

Kyle Powell represents the worst that our society has to offer. Like a coward, he hid behind his keyboard and targeted an innocent six year old girl with racial slurs simply because she was bi-racial. I firmly believe that love will always overcome hate and that justice will always prevail. Hate has no place in Atlantic County or in this world.

Tyner says the victims mother Tsaw posts was alarmed and notified the New Jersey State Police.  Tyner says, "The New Jersey State Police and the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office took action to locate Powell based upon his online contact information on the website.  Once located, Powell provided a statement telling the officers that he takes offense to interracial relationships.  During his plea factual basis, Powell admitted that he knowingly created these posts specifically to intimidate and threaten violence to the mother and her daughter based upon their race."

Powell also entered a plea of guilty for aggravated assault on a fellow jail inmate. Powell’s sentencing is scheduled for March 6, 2020.

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