With the Philadelphia Phillies regular season in the books, former Phillies first-baseman, and current broadcaster, John Kruk has some more time on his hands.

With that time, it appears Kruk wants to use those hands to learn a new hobby, playing the guitar - but he needs your help!

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Kruk was very 2022 asking on social media "if anyone in the Philadelphia area has a ton of patience, that could teach him how to play the guitar."

Kruk says he knows the basics, but apparently wants to take it to the next level.

Plenty of friendly Phillies fans offered to help Kruk, even our very own Frank Klose, sent a sample of his abilities.

Another offer came from Joseph, who happens to be my cousin. After reading Joe's bio, Kruk seems to still be searching.

(Joe plays in a great local band named Joy Riding, check them out sometime!)

Krukie, I can vouch for Frank and Joe, they can help you!

Over 100 people offered to help, with many recommending turning to what is considered to be the best teacher in 2022 - YouTube.

Well, let's just hope he is too busy watching Phillies playoff and World Series games to practice until at least into mid-November.

Happy Red October, Phillies fans!

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