You may want to think twice before ditching your boat in Cape May Harbor.

At least, that's what has reported this week. Apparently, the folks in Cape May are tired of dealing with the issue of all the abandoned boats that wind up just sitting stagnant in their various waterways. Can you blame them?

If you've lived in South Jersey are for a while now, chances are you're familiar with this issue. If you're not, here's the skinny. To make a long story short, it's common for people to just leave their boats in certain waters in Cape May County after a storm or an issue arose where the individual captaining the vessel couldn't get it back out of the water. Whether the weather was rough and they couldn't get it back to the marina in time, or they just broke down and didn't have a choice but to abandon ship, the people of Cape May are tired of having that, then, become their problem.

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Here's my question - do people not have Sea Tow? If you're unfamiliar with Sea Tow, it's a marine towing company that basically serves the same function for water vessels as AAA does for cars. Honestly, it's almost common sense to get a membership when you own a boat.

Apparently, that's not the case, however, since it's now become necessary for the powers that be in Cape May to draft an ordinance that will issue fines if people don't register their boats and remove them from the water within a certain amount of time. Now, the ordinance hasn't passed just yet. According to, the ordinance will be a matter of discussion at the next City Council meeting on October 18th.

Read more details about the proposed ordinance HERE.


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