Thank you. Gracias. Mahalo. Merci. However you say it we wanted to extend a HUGE Cat Country thanks for becoming a St. Jude Partner In Hope! This is our 20th Cat Country Cares Radiothon and each year we are thrilled to welcome more South Jersey residents into the St. Jude family.

Did you know that approximately 75% of the costs of St. Jude are covered by public contribution? Translation, your donation today MATTERS.

It's easier than ever to become a St. Jude Partner In Hope! Join us, won't you?

You can also call 1-800-372-4999 to become a Partner In Hope!

Check out the amazing, growing list of partners on our Wall of Hope, below:

Frank of Brigantine
Neil of Mays Landing
Kandice of Galloway
Victoria of Ocean City
Matthew of OceanView
Loreen of Egg Harbor City
Jim of Egg Harbor Township
Kyle of Ocean City
Bob of Forked River
Robin of Egg Harbor Township
Leonora of Egg Harbor Township
Mary of Woodbine
Jose of Egg Harbor Township
Linda of Egg Harbor Township
Tracey of Waterford Works
Bob of Cape May
Margaret of Egg Harbor City
Christine of Cape May Court House
Kelly of Gloucester City
Kelly of Egg Harbor Township
Cynthia of Egg Harbor Township
Michelle of Buena
Nelly of Woodbury
Angie of AC
Brent of Mays Landing
Tisha of Linwood
Karen of AC
Jean of EHT
Brandon of AC
Edna of EHT
Alexis of Neptune
Philip of EHT
Kathleen of Mays Landing
Thomas of Absecon
William of EHT
Deborah of Villas
Scott of Marmora
Ruggero of EHT
Mary of EHT
Jack of Buena
Maryellen of Marmora
Jennifer of Brigantine
Gertrude of Cape May
Michelle of Bridgeton
Melissa of Stone Harbor
Greta of Marmora
Liam of Neptune
Veronica of AC
Jean of AC
Draya of EHT
Trina of Marmora
David of Cape May
Chelsea of EHT
Nina of Neptune
Tony of Buena
Kathy of EHC
Leslie of AC
Cherie of Ocean City
Danielle of Manahawkin
Donavan of AC
Alli of Egg Harbor Township
Jessica of Mount Laurel
Amy of Cape May
Terri of Woodbine
Joshua of AC
Megan of Egg Harbor City
Dave of Waterford Works
Nancy of Gloucester City
Phylicia of Mount Laurel
Gabrielle of Manahawkin
Chris of Millville
George of Galloway
Matt of Cape May Court House
Jennifer of Egg Harbor City
Mike of Marmora
Charlene of Egg Harbor Township
Linda of Cedarville
Kimberly of Little Egg Harbor Twp
Kathleen of Somers Point
Frank of Hammonton
Rocci of Egg Harbor Township
Ricky of Vineland
Cherylann of Somers Point
Kim of Egg Harbor City
Kristina of Galloway
Connie of Ventnor City
Kim of Egg Harbor City
Janet of Cape May Court House
Lisa of Hammonton
Ann of Mays Landing
Rose of Somers Point
Leah of Woodbine
Russell of Cape May
James of Little Egg Harbor Twp
Michael of Little Egg Harbor Twp
Stephen of Brigantine
Jeffrey of Little Egg Harbor Twp
Dawn of Marmora
Michelle of Villas
Nicole of Egg Harbor Township
Jo-Ann of Galloway
Kristen of Egg Harbor Township
Robert of Whiting
Cullen of Buena
Flo of Egg Harbor Township
Robert of Woodbine
Leslie of Millville
Laura of Mays Landing
Kathleen of Egg Harbor Township
Karin of Rio Grande
Joe of Egg Harbor Township
Heather of Cape May
John of Milmay
Denise of Millville
Christina of Mays Landing
Karen of Marmora
Kyle of Franklinville
Nancy of Mays Landing
Carolyn of Northfield
Gary of Barnegat
Christine of Northfield
Andrew of Estell Manor
Jahna of Woodbury
Julianne of Cape May Court House
Anna Marie of Wildwood
Ryan of Millville
Michele of Ocean View
Trisha of Woodbury
Julie of Cape May Court House
Jennifer of Galloway
Shannon of Wildwood
Brenda of Villas
Robert of Atlantic City
Susan of Northfield
Susan of Egg Harbor Township
Cara of Northfield
Jessica of Egg Harbor Township
Aubrey of Brigantine
Robert of Woodbine
Barbara of Williamstown
Tracy of Cape May Court House
Robyn of Cape May Court House
Jack of Linwood
Bill of Minotola
Keith of Dorchester
Annella of Barnegat
John of Linwood
Adam of Millville
Ted of Linwood
Michelle of Hammonton
Nancy of Manahawkin
Kim of Vineland
John of Little Egg Harbor Township
Amy of Williamstown
Maree of Egg Harbor Township
Susan of Absecon
Kay of Port Norris
Carrie of Mays Landing
Maria of Mays Landing
Susan of Galloway
Amy of Absecon
Jeff of Northfield
Gail of Ocean City
Ron of Mays Landing
Ed of Mays Landing
Tim of Cape May
Bobbi of Ocean View
Dianna of Mays Landing
Don of Mays Landing
William of Egg Harbor Township
Maryann of Somers point
John of Elmer
Christine of Egg Harbor Township
Rachel of Manahawkin
Jacqueline of Linwood
Alexsandra of Egg Harbor City
Lois of Milmay
Jamie of Egg Harbor City
Vince of Malaga
Catherine of Linwood
Sharon of Cape May
Emily of Millville
Jane of Estell Manor
Christopher of Dunellen
Donna of Mount Arlington
Ford of Marmora
Frank of Egg Harbor Township
Steve of Ventnor City
James of Little Egg Harbor Twp
Nicole of Mays Landing
Virginia of Egg Harbor City
Kate of Cape May Court House
Trish of Egg Harbor Township
Linda of Villas
Amanda of Williamstown
Lorraine of Port Elizabeth
Rachael of Jacksonville
Bradley of Landisville
Paul of Egg Harbor Township
Margaret of West Creek
JB of Sea Isle City
Phillip of Hammonton
Marjory of Waterford
Jennifer of Mays Landing
Rick of Atlantic City
Steven of Port Norris
Reggie of Waterford
Melissa of Port Elizabeth
Ronda of Atlantic City
Jason of Atlantic City
Vincent of Egg Harbor Township
Craig of Galloway
Julian of Mays Landing
Crystal of Atlantic City
Alex of Waterford
Kelly of Galloway
Jessica of Egg Harbor City
Anna of Atlantic City
Kellie of Galloway
Chelsea of Toms River
Robert of Neptune
Debra of Vineland
Dawn of Little Egg Harbor Twp
Anna of Williamstown
John of Rio Grande
Elizabeth of Brigantine
Melvin of Galloway
Veronica of Neptune
Casey of Atlantic City
Doug of Atlantic City
Stephen of Cape May Point
Barbara of Ocean City
Eileen of Mays Landing
Monica of Mays Landing
Terry of AC
Vance of AC
Mason of AC
Alicia of Cape May Point
Greg of Ocean City
Logan of EHT
Jason of EHT
Randall of Williamstown
Sandra of Minotola
Ramona of Egg Harbor Township
Jay of Brigantine
Thomas of Vineland
Bruce of Tuckerton
Caitlin of Cape May Court House
Caroline of Marmora
Matthew of Mullica Hill
Lorraine of Vineland
Melinda of Egg Harbor Township
Rachel of Egg Harbor City
Donna of Egg Harbor Township
Wendy of Egg Harbor Township
Pamela of Egg Harbor Township
Thomas of Cape May Court House
Erin of Waretown
Christine of Hammonton
Gloria of Brigantine
Kristina of Egg Harbor Township
Jamie of Pomona
Scott of Mays Landing