So you pack your car and head to the beach, with the family packed into the SUV with all your beach stuff, including tents, blankets, tolls, toys, sunscreen, lunch, the kids' friends and more.

You drive to the beach and spend 25 minutes circling blocks until you find a parking spot.

Next, you unpack the SUV, load half of the "stuff" into your beach wagon, and carry half the stuff. You make the long pilgrimage from your car to the beach.

When you get to the beach, you turn around and your eyes fall on the huge house, right at the beach. You think, "Why can't we just live there?"

Well, if you have an extra eleven and a half million dollars in your checking account you can!

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Cape May Beach Street house for sale at $11.5 Million

We found your perfect home! It's right on the beach - on Beach Avenue actually - and it's only $11,500!

The home has 7 bedrooms, 7 1/2 bathrooms, and a huge 12, 613 square feet of living area!

How big is the house?

I believe the laundry room is bigger than my living room!

Looking for a big house with a pool?

Even though the house is literally steps from the beautiful Cape May beach, this house has it's own very private pool in the backyard.


In it's description, Coldwell Banker Sol Needles Real Estate calls this home, "The Most Exclusive Property in Cape May." Chris Bezaire is the realtor selling the home.

We've included some of the wonderful photos below.


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