The story sounds terrifying. reports that the Coast Guard rescued two boaters whose boat capsized 65 miles off of the AC beach last night. A man and woman were out on their boat called "The Bertie" after it flipped due to the stormy conditions.

It's shocking that anyone would have even taken a boat out last night in the first place, isn't it? It's been storming in South Jersey for two days now, so it shouldn't be too surprising that the ocean conditions aren't the best right now. Apparently, the two have sailed around the world, so it's not like they were rookies. They obviously must've known about the rough conditions, but the Coast Guard told 6ABC that they were on their way to NYC.

Can you even imagine the rocky waves they encountered last night?

Luckily, the Coast Guard was able to locate the pair and air lift them to safety via helicopter.


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