It’s an argument New Jerseyans can never quite settle: the Case of Taylor ham vs. Pork roll.

(Ha. “Case.” See what I did there?)

North Jerseyans insist that the breakfast food is called “Taylor Ham.” South Jersey says the meat is “Pork Roll.” Central Jersey (yes, there IS one, that’s not what we’re debating right now!) as always, is a weird mix of both sides.

Could Danny DeVito be the great unifier?

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I mean, he IS a Neptune, New Jersey native, so you’d think he knows his stuff.

DeVito participated in Wired’s “Incomplete Video” series where he answers the web’s most searched questions about him.

The “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” actor was asked about his accent.

“Jersey,” he answers, “Very Jersey, south Jersey… It’s kind of like a Philly, Baltimore thingy, but it’s Jersey.”

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Naturally one of the Wired staff members behind the camera knew the exact right next question to ask.

A producer quickly asks “Is it Taylor Ham or Pork Roll?”

Taylor Ham vs. Pork Roll
Dennis Malloy / Craig Allen, Townsquare Media NJ

Without missing a beat DeVito responds “Oh, Taylor ham, Taylor ham on a hard roll with some mustard and lettuce.”

“Oh man,” he continues with a longing look on his face and a wide grin, “I want one now!”

You can watch the entire interview here, but the Garden State-related content starts around the 1:11 mark.

So does that settle the debate? Is Danny DeVito the official word on our breakfast meats?

Is the fact that he went with "mustard and lettuce" over "Taylor ham, egg, and cheese. Salt, pepper, ketchup" a red flag?

Seriously, how does he explain the fact that Taylor is just the brand name? Will we ever get to the bottom of this?

Let’s find out how divided we still are on the subject.

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