Can't get enough of the mouse?

You're probably one of those people that have Disney singalongs in your car every morning, aren't you? What you do on your morning commute is your business.

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What's also your business is what your plans are for Valentine's Day. If you're a roses and chocolates person AND obsessed with Disney, you're about to get excited for February 14th. A company called Roseshire went viral in a big way after word spread about their Disney collection of roses perfect for every Disney lover. Tell your S/O.

After all, who doesn't want to be treated like a princess? Especially on Valentine's Day.

They have almost every princess covered. Even if the fairy tale aspect of Disney isn't your thing, they have a bunch of Tim Burton film options, too.

According to the website though, some options are not available for delivery on Valentine's Day. It looks like it's subjective depending on the item you're interested in.

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