Nobody likes getting preached to, but this happens to be some really great advice that all dog owners need to hear if they plan on letting their pups enjoy the beautiful weather on the beach this week.

It's purely a coincidence that we celebrate National Pet Day this week, but all the more reason to put this little siren in your brain. We all love our doggos, don't we? I know I do. They're like my children. Not only do I not care to imagine any harm coming to them, but I don't like to think about possible harm that they could possibly inflict on another creature.

Nevertheless, this piece of two-cents needs to be shared.

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If you're planning on heading to the beach this week with your pup, make sure you don't let them off leash if they don't immediately listen to retrieve commands. I say this not just for the safety of your animals and other people, but for the safety of possible stranded marine life that you may encounter.

I remember back in 2021 when the Marine Mammal Stranding Center shared a post about seal they had to euthanize after a canine attack. It made my heart sink for all involved. I don't know what I would have done if it were one of my pups that felt like they needed to protect me from a seal. Obviously, they wouldn't have had to. Beached seals are harmless as long as you leave them alone. But, how would they know that?

Marine Mammal Stranding Center via Facebook
Marine Mammal Stranding Center via Facebook

It's not unheard of to come across beached marine life this time of year. With the weather as nice as it's predicted to be this week, no doubt people will be flocking to the sand with their dogs in tow.

All you can do is make sure you're dogs are leashed. Don't let them off unless you're absolutely sure there's nothing out of the ordinary on the beach. Honestly, it's best to play it safe than sorry, so use your best judgement.


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