There are some seriously talented kids in and around the South Jersey region. Whether it's in the form of sports, smarts, or artistic abilities, it seems like someone or another is excelling at something that makes headlines every single year.

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Sounds like this year won't be an exception. This time, kudos must be extended to the talented musicians currently attending Egg Harbor Township High School in Atlantic County, NJ. Have you ever seen the movie Drumline starring Nick Cannon? Well, the routine the EHT Marching Band performed at a competition held at Gateway High School recently included some formations similar to those seen in that film.

According to a recent Facebook posts, the EHT musicians wound up scoring the highest at the competition. Imagine all the hours they dedicated to getting their competition piece completely perfect. That's A LOT of time and even more stress. Not to mention, coordinating that many musicians in a routine that complex is no easy feat, so congratulations to EHT's band director and everybody who made this success a reality.

No doubt, the kids and parents were equally thrilled at the outcome.

If you haven't yet seen the performance, you're definitely missing out. Luckily, the video was shared to Facebook for all to see. Check it out below:

Think they were nervous before taking to the floor? Whether the kids were or not, you couldn't tell with that performance. They all did a FANTASTIC job. Way to go, EHT! Enjoy the kudos. You worked hard and you deserve it!

Source: Facebook

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