An Atlantic County high school principal says about half of the school's bathrooms were vandalized Friday as students followed the latest TikTok challenge and destroyed bathroom toilets, sinks, and fixtures.

The TikTok challenge is called "devious lick" and it encourages students to literally wreak havoc in their school's restrooms.

Here's a news story about the challenge from California:

An email was shared on the private EHT Schools Parent and Community Facebook page. It lists the author of the email as EHT High School Principal Ms. Connor. (Patricia Connor is listed as the school's principal on the school's website.) In the email, Connor says:

The current challenge happening throughout the country reached Egg Harbor Township High School last week. On Wednesday we had some destruction of toilets, sinks, towel dispensers, hand sanitizing and soap dispensers. We had to lock a bathroom so that we could assess and report a need for repairs. As you know we were off Thursday. However, Friday, students went into half of our bathrooms (both male and female) and vandalized them as well.

Of course, if the students responsible are caught, they will face punishment.

In the email, Connor asks parents to talk to their kids:

I need your assistance in partnering with me in talking to your children about the dangers of these challenges and for them to be smart by not taking part in them. Let them know the seriousness of these actions and stay away from these ridiculous challenges. Talk to them about respect and school pride. We want people to talk about how wonderful EHTHS is and not about vandalism and [TikTok] challenges.! Get us out on social media with great things we are doing, not posting pictures holding bathroom structures they broke so people can see that they are vandals!

Connor states in the email that Egg Harbor Township High School has 18 student bathrooms. She says the bathrooms that were damaged will be repaired and reopened as quickly as possible. She also says Egg Harbor Township Police is involved in the investigation.

SOURCE: Facebook.

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