Egg Harbor Township Police get the "Happiest Halloween Handout' award this year for their bright safe trick or treating idea.

The cops in Egg Harbor Township were out on the streets of the community again Sunday night for their annual Halloween glow stick handout to trick or treaters.

Facebook friend Lynn Anne caught a photo of an Egg Harbor Township Police officer giving trick or treaters a choice of colored glow sticks on the side of a dimly-lit street.

What a great idea! Why doesn't every town's police force do this?

One of the biggest concerns each year on Halloween is the problem of drivers not seeing trick or treaters dressed in dark costumes walking or running in the street.

The glow sticks shine like a beacon in the dark warning drivers that the kids are ahead and giving everyone a better chance at having a safe and happy Halloween.

Plus, kids love getting the glow sticks and it gives the police a reason to briefly interact with the trick or treaters, letting them know that they are concerned for their safety and offering them a little Halloween treat of their own. I love this idea!

Lyne Ann's photo caption says it all:

Shout out to this EHT Officer!!! You made my grandkid’s night. They loved the glow sticks. Thank you!!

One of the many comments to Lynn Anne's photo is from Egg Harbor Township Chief of Police Michael Hughes, Jr, who writes...

It was our pleasure to be out continuing this great tradition! Thanks for catching us in action! Chief M. Hughes EHTPD

It is a great tradition, Chief. One that would be a fine addition in every town in South Jersey.

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