As the sporting pre-season begins, are you getting ready to put down the bat or the hockey stick as your life takes on a new journey? Well don't put them down just yet!

Credit: Getty Images
Credit: Getty Images

Maybe your son or daughter is going away to college and you're trying to find space in the garage for all of their high school sporting equipment...

Well, squeeze no more, because the EHT Street Hockey Team is putting on an "Equipment Drive" to collect NEW and USED sporting equipment to donate to the towns recreational leagues.  The equipment will then be donated to children and families in the community so that they have a chance to play and be a part of the sports they love, without having to worry about affording the equipment needed to play!

Please be sure that the equipment is safe and of good quality to use!

Check out the donation locations/times above for the sporting equipment that you're looking to get rid of, as a way to "Play It Forward" so our kids can play!

If you know someone who is in need or is doing a little extra dose of good for our community, send us your story in a message to our Facebook page!

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