Bikers take on Atlantic and Cape May Counties this weekend, so be prepared.

The annual MS City to Shore bike ride is happening on Saturday and Sunday, so you might want to plan accordingly if you expect to avoid any traffic delays. The Atlantic County Office of Emergency Preparedness shared some traffic details to their Facebook page in the post below:

With several mile options for riders to choose from, chances are everywhere from the beaches westward will be facing some sort of street closures throughout the day on Saturday and/or Sunday. Route options include 25-175 mile options.

The event is rain or shine, so don't think if you see some precipitation on Saturday morning that you're suddenly in the clear. Also, the youngest age to participate is 12 and the event welcomes all levels of advancement to join. So, with that being said, if you encounter the bikers, there's a chance there will be a huge lull between those bikers in the lead and the ones bringing up the rear.

Just a few things to keep in mind while planning your own weekend excursions... You're welcome in advance.

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