It's been a tough year, huh? How are your finances holding up?

I can't comment on your financial status, but I just about fainted when I had to pay almost $5 for eggs for the first time. Pricing for everyday necessities has gotten out of control. I won't even get into all the supply chain issues we've experienced here in NJ and the Greater Philadelphia region lately. I'm pretty sure I've never seen bare shelves the way I have this year. Not to bum you out, but that's just what my experience has been.

Don't even get me started on the gas prices. It's hard to believe that just two years ago, we were seeing gas at less than two bucks per gallon. That's been doubled since then. In some states, almost tripled. From my perspective, my generation has seen cheaper days, that's for sure.

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We're not the only part of the country that's been negatively impacted by inflation, though. Quite the contrary. According to the experts, the NJ-PA (Philly)-DE region hasn't been hit as badly as the rest of the country.

The folks over at WalletHub released a survey that ranks every region in the U.S. based on how much inflation is currently kicking their butts. The number one spot is the worst place to be during inflation while the last number on the list hasn't been hit as badly.

Out of 22 spots on the list, our region actually comes in at number 18. That means that inflation hasn't hit us too badly compared to the majority of the country. Now, I don't know if that's because everything was already to expensive here or if goods and things don't take as long to get here.

Whatever the reason, based on this study, we should apparently be thankful that we're not even worse off. Check out the survey for yourself HERE.


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