If you found yourself having difficulty breathing this week, don't worry! It's not necessarily COVID-19.

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It's obviously not COVID-19 if you only have that one symptom, so why in the heck have you had such trouble breathing when it's way too early for fall allergy season? Believe it or not, South Jersey specifically is suffering greatly from weird weather patterns due to the wildfires out west. The Department of Environmental Protection even confirmed this fact.

Apparently, the air pollution from the wildfires has made its way east to us. The Department of Environmental protection reportedly issued a "code orange" air pollution alert for a bunch of counties within the state which include every single county in South Jersey (Cape May, Atlantic, Cumberland, Gloucester, Camden, Salem, Ocean, and Burlington). The air quality this week has been deemed dangerous for groups like the elderly, children, and people with problems such as asthma and lung issues.

The warm weather isn't helping anyone out, either. The pollution on the ground combined with pollution from the air have made for a sticky situation in this heat (no pun intended). Luckily, the smoke hasn't been as bad this week in comparison to weeks passed, but since it's still present in this region's air, people that use inhalers or maybe aren't used to strenuous physical activity are being encouraged to take it easy until the quality gets a bit better.

We're not in a scary place as of this week since our air quality is ranked within the moderate parameters, however it could be a few weeks until the air quality is deemed clear.

Source: NJ.com

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