After both growing up in Philadelphia, and attending college at Syracuse University, I can say I personally know this young man named Colton Jones. We all know him as CJ - vibrant, full of energy, always knows how to make a room laugh, and has the utmost passion for life.

But right now, CJ's life is in jeopardy.

On Thursday October 12th, CJ had an asthma attack that resulted in complete deprivation of oxygen to his brain for an extended amount of time. This attack was triggered and worsened by his smoke inhalation from the California wildfires -- where he has been spending most of his time.

This severe situation created CJ's arrival to the hospital showing no signs of life, as a result of cardiac arrest. He was resuscitated after 20 minutes, but remains on life support and in critical condition in the ICU at a local Sacramento hospital.

Although the situation is critical, friends and family of CJ absolutely refuse to give up hope. Doctors believe his age is working in his favor, but the goal right now is to help provide his family with the funds they need to get CJ back on his feet, and back home from the west coast to Philadelphia where he can be surrounded by family and friends, and provided the best possible medical care.

Please feel free to give whatever your heart can - including love, prayers, resources, or anything financially supportive that comes to mind. There is no amount or act of kindness too small, as it all makes a difference.

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