After the Diocese of Camden announced the closing of two Catholic high schools in South Jersey, people began to rally in an effort to keep both open.

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Of course, the two high schools referred above are St. Joseph's in Hammonton and Wildwood Catholic. Both school are the only private Catholic-based high schools in their perspective areas. Following that announcement back in April, members of both communities began to organize in an effort to save the schools. The plan to save Wildwood Catholic worked. It will combine with one of the local catholic grade schools to form a new school with grades kindergarten through 12th.

Unfortunately, for those from Hammonton and the surrounding areas in Atlantic County, the same can't be said for St. Joseph's High School. The Press of Atlantic City reported that the diocese has turned down an offer from locals to purchase the school building and athletic fields from the diocese to form an independent private school.

Team St. Joe's isn't giving up the fight yet, though. They reportedly have said they have one more trick up their sleeve that could potentially save the elementary and high schools. That trick should be revealed later this week.


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