Marine wildlife has been spotted up and down the Jersey coastline lately. For better or for worse, they're making themselves known to all who live and visit the Jersey beaches.

You've been hearing a lot about the whales and dolphins that are washing up on the beaches. It's only been lately that you've been hearing about sharks making their 2023 debut on our coastline.

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I know what you're thinking, "sharks live in the ocean. It's their home." You're right. It absolutely is. It's essential to keep that in mind, too, when venturing into the waters over the next few months. When you swim in the ocean, you're entering their domain. It's their world, you're just playing in it. You never know where a shark could be lurking when you dive into those waves.

Apparently, there was a shark present off the coast of Stone Harbor over the weekend. In a recent Facebook post shared by the Stone Harbor Volunteer Fire Company, it was confirmed that a unit had responded to a call regarding a shark bite that occurred on the beach near 110th Street. Thanks to the first responders of the volunteer fire company, the victim was pulled from the water.

The victim then reportedly had to be transported via ATV and then ambulance to Cape Regional Hospital.

No reports are known to confirm the victim's identity nor the extent of the injuries sustained. Luckily, they were not life-threatening. You can check out the post that Stone Harbor Volunteer Fire Company shared to Facebook below.

Source: Facebook

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