It's pinging! She's pinging!!!

A shark reportedly weighing 800 pounds (wow) has been making her way up the South Jersey shoreline over the last twelve hours! reports a shark that was tagged back in February, "Miss May", has been most recently tracked off the coast of Cape May. She was spotted by the company that originally tagged her a few months back in Cape May waters around 11 a.m. yesterday morning with her latest ping around the Wildwoods during the 8 o'clock hour last night.

Great White Sharks in South Africa
Ryan Pierse, Getty Images

If the whole Jaws scenario isn't what your brain immediately ran with, then it might be smart to mention that this is the exact time of year that the fictitious shark attack happened in the legendary film. It might not be funny, but we're going to take this moment to recommend you take in that flick over your holiday weekend since the timing is most opportune. Seriously, it's about to be the 4th of July holiday so..... straight up Jaws.


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