With Memorial Day Weekend basically upon us, it's time that we pause and remember all of those who have fallen in battle while serving our country.

It's a debt none of us will be able to repay. Not to mention, it's a sacrifice most of us will never be able to wrap our heads around. Not only did the men and women in service make a sacrifice, the ultimate sacrifice, but their families and friends also sacrificed for the sake of our country, as well. We will always remember that sacrifice and be forever grateful for it.

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With that being said, it's comforting to know that there are people and organizations dedicated to preserving the well-being of those service members that did make it back home to fight another day. So many issues plague the veterans of this country after returning from battle. Many even have a difficult time getting their basic needs met after completing their service.

Here in New Jersey, one organization is doing something about the veteran housing issue. So many veterans don't even have a place to lay their heads at night. An organization called Operation Safe Haven based out of Franklinville acquired a decent amount of acreage and constructed tiny houses that veterans are eligible to take up residence in completely free of charge.

It's been said by many former service members that the military doesn't exactly equip them with the skills and tools necessary to make an easy transition back to civilian life. The tiny home community provides everything a veteran that's down on his or her luck could need including rehab services. How awesome is that?

The first reports of this community first broke about five years ago. Honestly, it's a genius way to give back to servicemen and women who've already sacrificed so much.

Source: NJ.com

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