Can you feel it yet?

Okay, so it may not exactly feel like summer here in South Jersey yet, but trust us! Summer is right around the corner. The warm weather will be here before you know it and you'll be looking for any excuse in the world to spend all your time outdoors in the sun.

A lot of the best summer activities that South Jersey has to offer were put on hold for the last few summers all thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Something about summer 2022, though, feels different. Events are starting to come back that haven't been allowed since the summer of 2019. South Jersey locals are EXCITED.

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One tradition missed by many was getting to take a flick or two while laying with our toes in the sand. Multiple beaches in both Atlantic and Cape May counties usually offer movie screenings on the beach in the summertime. The schedules were wonky over the last few summers. This summer, though, at least one beach is bringing movies back!

It was announced this month that you will have the chance to catch quite a few films by the moonlight on a beach in Cape May this summer. The beach near Cape May's legendary hotel, Congress Hall, will be hosting movie screenings at least once a week starting this July. The first one to open up the season will be right after the fourth of July holiday when locals and shoobies alike can catch The Goonies on July 7th.

You can find out Cape May's summer beach movie lineup as well as the dates and times for each one HERE.


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