It's a sad day for those of us that made a trip practically every morning to this old-school Wawa in Egg Harbor Township.

We first told you about three weeks ago that the old Wawa at Tilton Road and Hingston Avenue in Egg Harbor Township was shutting down... sadly, as of today it is no more.

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As I drove by this morning, the signs were already coming down and equipment was being moved out. Turns out, the cup of coffee that I got there yesterday was my my last trip to Wawa store 337.

Now, there are countless Wawa stores all over our area, including a brand new one about a mile away. But this Wawa was old school - it wasn't fancy, it didn't have all of the bells and whistles that a new Wawa has. This Wawa, like many from decades ago, had a difficult parking lot to navigate -- it seemed like at least once a week I came close to backing into another car. The inside was small and cramped, but the workers there were great -- they would even occasionally still call you "hon" when you were checking out. This particular Wawa seemed to miss many of the recent waves of remodeling and refreshening that many have seen over the years -- this Wawa was like the Wawa's that were all over the place when I was a kid.

It may seem strange to be sad over losing a convenience store, especially since there's one right over there and another right over there and yet another one right over there, but this was the one that many of us here at the station ran to for coffee at 4AM or a hoagie at 4PM. And when we were camped out here covering snowstorms, hurricanes, nor'easters, and blizzards, it was always open.

To all of the employees that have worked there, thank you!

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