Goodbye store #337, you have served us well.

Word has leaked that Wawa is closing down "My Wawa" - the one I've been frequenting almost every morning at 4am for the last 19 years!

They're closing down my Wawa. (Isn't that a Bruce Springsteen song?)

The store, located on Tilton Road in the "Tilton Times Plaza" is set to close on April 28th, according to store employees. (Side note: This plaza used to have an "old fashioned" clock on it's sign, but that quit working and was removed years ago.

Good ol' store 337 is on my way to work, and is only .9 miles from the radio station. I'm actually surprised it lasted this long, as a "Super Wawa" was built less than a half mile away a few years ago.

One of my favorite parts of this "old Wawa" is the height measurement at the door. I think all Wawa's have them... but at ol' 337, I think the measuring is off by several inches. I come in at like 6'4" tall.....

Well, goodbye ol' 337! It was good while it lasted!

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