As you may (or may not, but should) know, February is Black History Month.

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During this month, most schools focus on highlighting important African American people and events important to this country's history and culture that may have been glossed over in many schools' traditional textbooks. It's an important month because it highlights the contributions to our society by people that are so often not included in the main curriculum.

That last statement above is the main reason why it's important for ALL CHILDREN to learn about Black History. Apparently, many parents would disagree. At least, parents from Utah, anyway....

It hit major news sources this week that a charter school in Utah is actually allowing parents to opt their children out of the usual Black History Month curriculum for the month of February. Officials at the charter school did release a statement expressing that while they're disappointed that they even have to allow this option, they're moving forward with it due how many parents have requested it.

A southern journalist got wind of the news out of Utah and decided to address it head-on. The journalist, who happens to be Caucasian, made a video and posted it to his social media pages completely destroying the argument for why parents should be allowed to choose this. I have to say, I completely agree with him. It's imperative that children learn about the culture in its entirety rather than only from one specific stance.

My favorite line: "If Black History Month bothers you, you never get to say 'get over slavery' again, ever."

He made the most important point towards the end of the video. He basically addressed the question, "when can Black History Month end?" His answer? When people stop caring about its existence in the first place. He made the point that only THEN will that history be able to be included in the normal curriculum throughout the school year.

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