Eagles fever is contagious and spreading quickly throughout the area. Everything's going green for the big NFC Championship game at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday (January 29th) when the Philadelphia Eagles take on the San Francisco 49ers, even donuts.

Popular Hamilton Township donut shop, Donuts Time Café on Route 33 is rooting for the Birds by making Eagles donuts. You can get them in a Game Day Six-Pack.

Look how cute, and delicious they look. Eagles fans will love the football donuts and the others in Eagles green & white.

For a Game Day Six-Pack you can choose from:

A "Go Eagles" donut (vanilla, green icing with white lettering). How many times will you yell, "Go Eagles" during the game?

A Boston Cream football donut

A chocolate frosted football donut

A vanilla frosted donut with green sprinkles

A green frosted with white sprinkles.

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Warning, they'll make your mouth water. Wait until you see all of their other donuts. Yup, that's a maple bacon sprinkled donut...yum. They also have a fruit loops, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, tiramisu, cannoli, salted caramel, coffee cake and cinnamon bun donuts...and many more.

You can check them all out and order online here.

Donuts Time Café is more than just donuts. Breakfast sandwiches, coffee and more is served Tuesday - Sunday until 1pm.

Check this out....yum.

Donuts Time Café is located at 1280 Route 33 in Hamilton Township (across from Moe's and Texas Roadhouse). Local delivery is available for website orders.

Order your Game Day donuts and more now.

Go Eagles!

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