The Hammonton community was saddened this week by the death of Richard Jones.

Hammonton Police Officer Rich Jones, who had recently retired from the force, died on Thursday, March 31 at age 53. No cause of death was given.

Rich Jones had served with the Hammonton PD for 21 years, reaching the rank of Corporal.

He is best remembered for his two stints as the Hammonton High School School Resource Officer from 2005-2009 and 2011-2021. His obituary states that Rich "had a special impact on many of the students during his time at the school."

In a Facebook post tribute to their friend and longtime co-worker, the Hammonton Police Department remembered CPL. Jones' love for his position at the school.

Rich was a field training officer and trained many officers, but now that we think about it, probably close to half of the officers employed by HPD had him as a School Resource Officer. Rich loved working in the high school with the kids and when officers would speak to kids, they would always ask, “Where’s Officer Jones?” Kids and staff love to tell us

stories about how much Rich was loved and how the kids and staff trusted him.

Jones retired on January 1, 2022, with the intention of spending his days with his wife going to all of his son's sporting events in college.

Richard Jones was born and raised in Hammonton where he graduated from St. Joseph High School in 1986. He is survived by his wife Barbara and his son Brandon.

Funeral services for Mr. Jones will be held at St. Mary of Mt. Carmel Parish- St. Joseph Church on Tuesday, April 5. See his obituary.

The Hammonton Police posted this fond memory of their friend.

Richie was a dear friend to a lot of officers and always made us laugh. Rich would give you the shirt off of his back if he could, and if you needed a ride somewhere, he was your man. Rich, we won’t say goodbye, let’s just say see you later. Thank you for your service 971, rest easy, we’ll take it from here…


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