On this day in 1836, John Taylor, the man who made pork roll a thing in the Garden State, was born. Seeing as he founded a business that changed the breakfast game, he deserves to be celebrated.

Taylor, born in Mercer County, made quite a name for himself in New Jersey during his life. Not only was he a major player in the pork and beef packing industry, but he was also a state Senator for three years and responsible for the Taylor Opera House in Trenton.

Not bad for a guy who reportedly had what amounted to limited education. He pretty much worked his way up from grocery store clerk to businessman and politician.

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Genuine John Taylor 'pork roll' has been produced since 1856. And even though it says pork roll right on the box, in Taylor's neck of the woods (North Jersey), the breakfast meat is referred to as Taylor ham. <<insert my cringy face here>> Lol.


That's because it WAS originally called PORK ROLL. But, according to Wikipedia, in 1888, when John Taylor officially formed Taylor Provisions Company, the product became known as 'Taylor's Prepared Ham.'

Yep, John Taylor is the man who ignited the 'Is it pork roll or Taylor ham?' debate.

Happy Birthday, John Taylor! The pork roll man who called it Taylor Ham!

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