Today is National Sibling Day. Here are 6 facts in honor of the holiday.

brother and sister sibling portraits
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    Younger siblings tend to be funnier.

    I know this is the case in my family. My younger brothers are way funnier than me.

  • Mark Stout, Thinkstock
    Mark Stout, Thinkstock

    Men with older sisters may be better with the ladies.

    Think about it they grew up with a girl. They are more likely to flirt and talk to women. This also goes for women too. If you have an older brother you are more likely to flirt and talk to guys.

  • ilona75, Thinkstock
    ilona75, Thinkstock

    Older siblings are usually smarter.

    I love using this to my advantage. Have you ever said "because I'm the oldest"? This in response to the why question. Well, you may be onto something. Research ha shown that older siblings have a higher IQ. Use that at your next family dinner.

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    More siblings = less likely to divorce.

    I'm going to take an educated guess that this has something to do with conflict resolution. If you have siblings you know fighting is a fact of life, but that at the end of the day your siblings are always there for you. I wonder if sharing a bedroom with a sibling also impacts this.

  • olesiabilkei, Thinkstock
    olesiabilkei, Thinkstock

    Parents do have favorites.

    Every kid has been told by their parents that they don't have favorites. Every kid also knows that this is a bold faced lie. According to Katherine Conger of the University of California, 65% of mothers and 70% of fathers have a favorite child. Read her full study on siblings here.

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    Jupiterimages, Thinkstock

    Siblings share a lot, even bad habits.

    Older siblings pass down a lot to their younger brother(s)/sister(s): toys, clothes, books, movies, and maybe even furniture. They also share their bad habits. If an older sibling drinks and/or smokes, their younger siblings are more likely to do the same.

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