The infamous gas tax went into effect on Tuesday, November 1st here in the Garden State.  Your wallet just got a little bit lighter...  However, one NJ pizzeria owner wants to give you a discount for getting screwed by the government!

God Bless America!

But you need to drive to North Jersey....  Kinda counter-productive, but the story is still pretty cool!

The owner of Rezza Trattoria, John Bendokas, in Roseland is offering a "gas tax rebate" by giving his customers a discount equivalent to the extra dough they will be forking out at the pump.

According to,

Customers at his Italian restaurant on Eisenhower Parkway need only present a receipt from the gas station. Bendokas calls it his Gas Tax Rebate.
The discount, Bendokas estimates, would amount to about $2.50 on average.
"I thought it would be a good way to give back to the community and kind of give them a little reprieve from it, at least at the beginning," he told the station.

Kudos to this guy!  It's the New Jersey way!

Do you know of a local store giving a discount because of the newly enacted gas tax?  Comment below!


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