If you have traveled on Tilton Road at the Garden State Parkway anytime over the past couple of years, you know a major road construction project has been taking place. Construction vehicles, giant steel beams, tons of concrete, and traffic delays have been the norm lately as the Parkway is widened.

Among all of the controlled chaos at Tilton Road and the Parkway is something you probably would never expect to see...

The Tilton Road Sunflower - Photo: Chris Coleman
The Tilton Road Sunflower - Photo: Chris Coleman

...a sunflower is growing on the side of the road at the end of the Exit 36 ramp.

How it got there is anyone's guess, but if you are getting off of the Parkway to head to Northfield or Margate, take a look to your right at the Tilton Road sunflower. Maybe it'll brighten your day a bit.

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