Back in the old days (well, Pre-Covid-19) boys and girls used to go on dates, in a car.

(NOTE: This was originally published in November of 2020

Hold on... I have just been informed that kids haven't "gone on dates" in years. It's not formal like that anymore, and it hasn't been for a while.

OK, then. In that case, in the old days - a while back - boys and girls used to go on dates in cars.

It was often the goal of the boy (and sometimes the girl, I can only assume) that the date would end up with some late-night smooching-in-the-car. The goal of this was to have it happen somewhere that the girl's father wouldn't find you and break your legs.

So, a long time ago, fictional places like Inspiration Point. Lovers' Lane or Lookout Hill were born. At places like this, dates would watch "Submarine Races" or some such thing. In reality, in many cases, the boy and the girl were kissing like they were in the submarine and it was quickly filling with water.

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We asked some of our listeners where some of these places were and came up with some great answers:

Deb and Patrick both mentioned the boat ramp near the Tuckahoe Inn in Marmora being a "hot spot." Deb called it "Lightside", while Patrick remembers it being called, "The Bay Spot."

Dee says the Absecon Docks was a good parking space, and Moe says the Seaview Docks in Linwood was "the place."

Adam referenced Shellbay in Cape May Court House, while Brian said under the boardwalk or the Million Dollar Pier in Atlantic City. (I guess this was without a car, right?)

Robert preferred to take his dates to the canal by the Cape May Ferry, while Linwood has memories about Tuckerton Lake.

Sandy remembers Gravelly Run, off Ocean Heights in Mays Landing, and "Humpty Hollow" - near Asbury and Pine in EHT.

CW says the Manahawkin Drive-In Movie Theater.

Della mentions that in Dennisville, it was anywhere along the railroad tracks.

Roberto mentions the lake in Mays Landing.

Audrey remembers on any Ocean City beach, especially under the Music Pier.

Bonnie noted Somers Point's Kennedy Park - which was referred to as Hi-Point.

Victoria says Circus Drive-in Mullica Township was the place.

CJ says the "Y" and The Chopper in Tuckahoe!

A shout out the lake in Egg Harbor City from Heather.

So, where were your memories made? LOL.

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