The countdown to the end of the 2023 school year is on which means teens will be either on the hunt for a summer job, a summer camp, or something fun to do to pass the time over the next few months.

If I know anything about parents here in the Garden State, it's that none of them want their kids to sit around and do nothing all summer long. Here in Jersey, we keep it moving. Whether it's a summer sports league, an outdoor activity, or something else, you can bet most teens hailing from New Jersey will be busy with one thing or another this summer.

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If your teen doesn't have any plans locked in yet for summer 2023, don't worry too much. Have you ever heard of the High School Summer Pass at Planet Fitness? Basically, they're allowing teenagers from fourteen through nineteen to workout for free at any of their locations all summer.

How lucky are they? Here we are, adults, paying an arm and a leg for gym memberships.

If nothing else, there's nothing wrong with challenging your teen to become the BEST version of themselves during their time off this summer. Honestly, who doesn't want a fabulous summer body? Of course, I do not and WOULD NEVER condone body shaming. That doesn't mean, however, that I would ever deny that exercising is good for everyone. Not even just for physical health, either. It's great for your overall mental health, too. To be honest with you,  I wish they offered this when I was a teenager.

Your teen can go work out FOR FREE, even with a trainer, at your local Planet Fitness from now through August 31st.


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