We are in the age of convenience. Most of the recent inventions are made to make our lives easier and for the most part we are grateful for it. Would the devil's advocate say that it is making us lazier? Sure, but that person is hitting up the drive-thru and self check-out too.

Chipotle has been testing out drive-thru windows, which they call vehicular pick-up windows, in Massachusetts, Ohio, Texas, and Tennessee. They are now planning on rolling out their vehicular pick-up windows nation wide.

Why is their a distinction between a drive-thru and a vehicular pick-up window? You cannot place your order at Chipotle at their new windows. These windows are used for mobile order pick-ups only. Mobile ordering has become popular with the restaurant, a pick-up window will alleviate long lines in store for pick-ups.

A date has not been set for when they will roll out the new pick-up windows, however more details will be released after June 27th.

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