"It's the most wonderful time of the year!" You either agree with Andy Williams or you don't when he sings that line in his famous Christmas song... especially when applying those words to certain holiday traditions you may or may not be too keen on. For one, holiday shopping: you either love it or absolutely cannot stand to do it.

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It's time to start crossing people off that holiday shopping list. While Christmas will most definitely be scaled down for many families, presents will still be purchased, so the debate must be had. Holiday shopping this year... will most do it in-store or online? Considering the times we're living in with the coronavirus seemingly spreading like wildfire, it's safe to assume most will complete their shopping via online or through mobile apps.

Yahoo News reports that a survey has recently been conducted by Ware2Go on this exact topic. Will people still shop in-store as much as they have in previous years for Christmas gifts in 2020? Out of all those who participated, almost 60% confirmed that they plan on virtually shopping this year rather than at brick-and-mortar store locations. The survey dug a little deeper to reveal that while most plan on shopping online as much as they can, over 75% of people anticipate supporting smaller businesses in a big way this year.

That's such a relief for mom-and-pop shops who are fearing what this holiday season's shopping trends will mean for the future of their stores. This survey is good evidence in support of the importance for small business owners to have a great website through which the public can submit orders.


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