Well, I guess it's safe to say we're officially into the holiday season now, right? I know that some people won't be decorating until Black Friday, but for many others, the tree went up this weekend.

You know what comes after Thanksgiving, right? Shopping, shopping, and more shopping.

I don't know about you, but my plan is to buy almost everyone's gifts online this year. I went shopping over the weekend. Let me tell you, that was NOT a pleasant experience. I took my butt all the way up to Gloucester County, too. The Deptford area is NOT the best place to travel through during the holiday season. It's so congested this time of year.

Whether you're trekking towards Philly or down to Cape May, it's a necessary sacrifice if you're someone planning on shopping in-store this year. It's definitely worth it if you're planning on having a beautiful holiday excursion somewhere like Cape May. LOVE those shops!

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Don't forget about Mays Landing. It always gets congested over there this time of year, too, because of the mall and various strip malls.

That got me thinking, though - are people shopping in-store doing so for a particular reason? Think about it for a second. It seems like most people are doing a lot of online shopping these days. Of course, they're still heading out to the locally owned stores they know and love, but they're even ordering from some of those stores online too.

That's when it dawned on me...

Does South Jersey prefer to use cash or card?

If you're someone that still prefers to pay everything with cash, then it makes sense why you'd still be shopping for everything at all the brick-and-mortar stores. So, I figured I'd ask the question.

For me, I try not to carry cash too often. It's so much safer to NOT carry it, but I know my older family members still carry it. Even my favorite small businesses accept cards now, so why carry cash? A new survey said the city of Philadelphia mostly prefers cash. That SHOCKED me. It got me thinking about the Philly suburbs and beyond here in South Jersey. Do we prefer to use cash or do we all mostly use our cards these days?

Submit your answer below!

Source: SecureDataRecovery.com

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