Yes, you can win tickets to the Garth Brooks Dive Bar Concert in Mount Laurel on Cat Country 107.3.

We will be giving them away over the next couple weeks at various times - times which we may or may not announce beforehand.

Here's how to win:

1. Listen to Cat Country 107.3

2. Follow the instructions and do what we tell you to do, when we tell you to do it.

3. Be 21 or over.

4. Follow us on Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, etc. You might catch a clue as to the next time we're giving away tickets.

5. Download the Cat Country 107.3 APP. Use it to listen. Also use it to call us with the push of one button.

That's pretty much it. Now, let me address the complaints that we will receive, just based on those rules:

1. Why do I have to listen to your radio station? It's not fair! I have to work/sleep/shop/wash my dog/go to a funeral...

-Because we're a radio station. That's what we do.

2. I don't listen to your radio station. Ever.

- Frankly, we don't want you to win. Ever. (Although we can't do anything to stop you.) We like it when our listeners win our prizes.

3. I can't get your radio station where I live.

- Move closer.  Actually, ANYWHERE ON PLANET EARTH, you can listen online or listen on the Cat Country 107.3 APP. The APP is free to download.

4. Why is there a delay when I listen on the APP?

- Because the internet is not as fast as over the air radio waves. We send our audio to both places at the same time. The delay also depends on the speed of your internet connection.

5. I want to win and give the tickets to someone else. (Or sell them to someone.)

- Nope. The tickets are non-transferable. If you win, YOU have to go to the concert. If you can't go, no one else can use your tickets. By the way, this is Garth Brooks' rule, we just have to enforce it.

6. I call but can never get through when you do a contest.

- That's why it's a contest.


Now, let's move on to how NOT to win tickets:

Do not send us a letter/email/Facebook message that's anything like this:

Dear Joe Kelly/Joe Kelley/Program Director/Station Manager/Sir,

-You probably should get that right.

I'm a regular listener of Cat Country/Kat Kountry/WPUR/WCAT/WPURR

-You probably should get that right, too.

I need 2 Garth Brooks tickets! Not for myself, but for my friend/wife/son/co-worker/babysitter/pastor.

-It's never for the person writing.

He/She is the biggest Garth Brooks fan! Guaranteed!

-Watch a Garth Brooks concert on YouTube. There are tens of thousands of people at each and ever show who are his "biggest fans." It's like a club.

He/She is suffering/celebrating/ ______________, and it would mean the world to get tickets to this concert.

-No offense, but how do we decide one person's suffering is more deserving than another person's suffering?  Also - how do we verify that your special person is suffering? We're sorry for any and all pain, but we just can't....

-Oh! Your friend has a birthday on the SAME day Garth is playing? What are the chances of that? Wait, I know... the chances are 1-in-365.....

I would listen to your station, but I can never win.

- Well, that's the only way to get tickets.

He/She really deserves these tickets!

- I HATE the word deserves. Please.

I met you/your wife/your son and I know you're a thoughtful and caring person.

- Sometimes.

Also, would it be possible for Garth to wish him/her a Happy Birthday on stage?

- Um, no.



For this reason, we try to be as fair as possible. Again, if you want tickets, listen to Cat Country 107.3 and be ready to win. It could come at any time. Good Luck!

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