Have you ever had the opportunity to save someone's life, but wasn't sure if you really knew how? 

Students practicing CPR life saving techniques on a mannequin.
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Fortunately, I received specialized training in CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver--way back when my first profession was a baby sitter.

Could I use a refresher? Heck yea. 
We all could!

Whether you're CPR certified or not, (I don't in fact believe I'm "certified" because I never received a fancy shmancy paper) it's always great to have the skill and knowledge of how to save someone's life just in case the opportunity presents itself.

Not only have I personally choked a couple of times (I'm bad at chewing)--but I also found myself in a situation several years ago when I was a camp counselor for my youth group.  A little girl, who always had much to say, blankly looked at me without saying a word as we were eating our hotdogs...and immediately my memory refreshed on my training.

So, I'm here to give you a mini refresher on how to perform CPR:
[NOTE: You will NOT receive a fancy-shmancy paper after reading this because I'm no doctor]

STEP 1: Call 9-11
Give the professionals a call. Until they arrive, that's where you come in

STEP 2: Ask the victim: "Are you choking, may I help you" 
In most scenarios, you can avoid CPR with the initial Heimlich Maneuver if the situation is caused by choking. In which case, the victim will be awake for you to ask this question. But if the victim eventually passes out from not being able to breathe for so long, then CPR will be necessary.

STEP 2: Tilt the head back and chin up
Once/if the victim is on the ground, gently tilt their head back by pressing on their forehead and lifting their chin up to check the passage ways. If no breathing occurs, you begin CPR.

STEP 3: Pinch the nose, Keep the chin lifted, and blow.
Pinch the nose shut and make a complete seal over the mouth with your own, then give two-one second breaths of air so you can see the victims chest begin to rise and expand.

STEP 4: Hand Placement
Draw a line with your hand from the armpit, to the center of the chest of the victim. Place the heel of one hand on the lower half of the sternum or lower breast bone. Then place the other hand on top of the other, interlacing your fingers. Straighten your arms and prepare to compress.

STEP 5: Compressions
Give 30 chest compressions. Push down, hard and fast (about 2 inches down with a rate of 100x per minute). Lift the hand slightly off the chest between each compression to allow the chest to recoil.

STEP 6: Repeat
Keep alternating between Steps 3 and 5 until the victim begins breathing or until the EMT's arrive.

If you would like to get CPR Certified, there are classes in South Jersey at the American Red Cross in Vineland through the EnjoyCPR Program

The next class is:

Where: 398 Smith St Vineland, NJ

Date: Sat Aug 19, 2017

Time: 9:00AM - 2:20PM


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