A video has surfaced on social media of a man attempting to resuscitate a puppy.

The man's dog had given birth a few days prior and had accidental sat on one. Once he realized she was sitting on the puppy, he also realized that it wasn't breathing. In an effort to save the pup's life, the man in the video gave the dog mouth-to-mouth in addition to chest compressions. Check out the video below:

Since the video's launch to Facebook, it's been viewed over TEN MILLION TIMES. The Facebook post says that the puppy was born dead, but after reading the comments, the viewer will discover that's not the case. For one, the puppy obviously wasn't JUST born since it's clean and has no visible umbilical cord.

Still, it's amazing the man was able to keep calm under that kind of pressure in order to make sure the puppy was spared. Also, please note how concerned the mama looks. Luckily, the pup was able to pull through and seemed to be completely fine only a few hours later.

Source: Facebook

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