According to a recent Facebook post, several Mays Landing residents seem to be unsure about how much they should be paying people to walk their dogs.

I have two of my own so I'll be the first to say that taking them for a walk isn't as easy as you may think. While you may be under the impression that it only take 30 minutes to walk a dog, it actually takes a lot longer than that.

First, you have to calm your dog down (if yours is one with plenty of energy) in order to hook their leash, harness, etc. Then, you have to actually get them out of the house. Finally, when it's time to come back home, you have to detach everything, get the dog settled again, and then you may go about your day.

So, a 30-minute walk for your dog is actually about an hour or more ordeal. If you're hiring a dog walker to take care of that for you, that's not even taking into account their travel time and gas.

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Someone recently inquired on a local Mays Landing-based Facebook group about trustworthy dog walkers in the area and an estimate of the cost of their services. A couple of people responded that they charge about $25-$30 for a thirty minute walk. There were plenty of people who voiced that they think that's too much money.

At first, I thought so too. Now, I don't use those services, so to me, it just seemed like a lot of money for only 30 minutes. Then, I remembered that I have two dogs. One of them is extremely high-energy. She's a gem, but she's a nut. Once I started thinking about the process I go through just to get them ready to go on a walk, I realized that paying a reliable source to take care of my dogs in this way is a bargain.

Sure, you could get a kid to come walk your dog for cheaper, but what happens if the dog pulls and the kid gets hurt? What if their parents then sue you? The old adage proves true in this scenario just like anything else: you get what you pay for.

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