We have Luke Bryan coming to Boardwalk Hall in A.C. He is bringing with him Kip Moore and the Cadillac Three. Of course we are hosting a pre-concert party at Wild Wild West Casino at Bally's before the show, with your last chance to win tickets. Plus we are back at Wild Wild West Casino for an after-concert party with a free concert from Parmalee!

So how does one get ready for a night of concerts? There is a lot of prep work that goes into it, but don't fear we've got your back. Here are the things your will need and need to do before tomorrow night.

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    Break Out Your Favorite Boots

    I have a collection of cowboy boots, it's problem I have too many. Make sure you wear not only your favorite, but your most comfortable. Don't go out today or tomorrow to get new boots, you'll regret that decision tomorrow night. Your feet will hate you for it.

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    Get Some Sleep

    Make sure you are well rested, bright eyed and bushy tailed. It's going to be a long night and you want to make sure you are alive, awake, alert, and enthusiastic all night long. Nap if you have to.

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    Slide On Your Comfy Jeans

    I get it you want to look good, but you also want to be comfortable. Do you really want to spend the night hiking up your jeans? I didn't think so.

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    Drink Plenty Of Water

    Stay hydrated. Staying hydrated will help prevent you losing your voice the next day. Plus, if you're going to be drinking beer you'll thank me Saturday morning.

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    Work Those Hips Out

    I know that sounds weird. If you plan on shaking your hips like Luke, you're going to want to make sure they're all loosey goosey.

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    Create Your Concert Playlist

    While you get ready for the show, pre-grame, drive to the concert, and drive home from the concert you're going to want a set playlist. Make sure it's comprised of Luke Bryan, Kip Moore, Cadillac Three, and Parmalee. You can always just tune into Cat Country.

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    Charge Your Phone And Bring A Portable Charger

    There is nothing worse than a phone dying during a concert. Make sure you can keep snapping all night long giving your friends major FOMO. Okay, I'm not cool enough to say FOMO (fear of missing out).

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    Get Your DD or Uber/Lyft

    If you plan on partying a bit tomorrow night, make sure you party safe. Plan out your DD or download Uber/Lyft.