Could YOU be the one for Cat Country's very own.....Jen C, from the Cat Country fun and games crew?!


Naturally, Jen is all things FUN, motivated, personable, and VERY lovable.

However, Joe and I have taken it upon ourselves to make sure that our lovely Jen is surrounded with love from the people that we know and trust the best....OUR LISTENERS!

In which case, we're setting Jen C up with one, eligible, Cat Country listener.

If selected by the Cat Country Team (and Jen) -  Joe and Rachel will chaperone a lovely dinner date between you and Jen at a fabulous restaurant, escorted in our very own Cat Country limousine!

In order to win a date with Jen C, here's what you have to do:

  1. Check out the video below to learn a little bit more about her to see if she's the one for YOU
  2. If so, submit the form below AND a short video as to why YOU are the one for Jen C! (Videos can be submitted through the form or our Cat Country App) 

Finalists will be selected Monday Nov. 6th, and with further review -  a winner will be selected for a free dinner date and limo ride with Jen C on Friday Nov. 10th!

Happy dating ya'll!

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