When the weather is warm and the vibes are immaculate, there's nothing we love more than an Insta-worthy photo shoot to celebrate the changing of the seasons.


Once the temperatures start to rise, everyone wants to be outside acting up and having some fun. Of course, that sometimes can mean getting into a little mischief. While that's all well and good if nobody finds out about it, what you should be worried about is whether or not you unknowingly snap a photo somewhere you're not supposed to be.

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You may find this hard to believe, but there are certain places in New Jersey where it's illegal for you to be seen in a photo with. For example, you're not allowed to randomly snap selfies on a protected government military base. Don't be going ham with your new iPhone 15 Pro Max while visiting somewhere like Fort Dix. That's a HUGE no-no.


Don't take photos at these NJ locations

Taking photos in certain places may be restricted or prohibited for various reasons, such as national security concerns, privacy laws, or property rights. In New Jersey, some areas where taking photos may be illegal or restricted include:


1.) Military Bases

Taking photographs on or near military installations without proper authorization is generally prohibited due to security concerns.


2.) Government Buildings

Some government buildings may have restrictions on photography, especially in sensitive areas like courthouses or secure government facilities.


3.) Private Property

Taking photos on private property without permission from the owner could lead to legal issues, especially if you're capturing images of individuals without their consent.

Those places make sense though, right? Bet you didn't know it's also technically illegal to take pictures on railroad tracks.


Illegal places to conducts a photoshoot

I can't tell you how many people I know that have gotten photoshoots done on railroad tracks. While none of them got in trouble, it's technically against the law to do so. For one, most train tracks run through private property. You're trespassing if you organize a photoshoot there.

We shouldn't even have to mention the safety hazards posed by hanging around on the tracks. Trains can move quickly and quietly, making it difficult to judge their speed and distance. Soooo many people have been seriously injured or even killed while trespassing on tracks to take photos.

If you're unsure whether you're allowed to take photos in a particular area, it's best to seek permission or refrain from taking pictures to avoid any potential legal issues.

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