Welcome to another one of Rachel's Rants, where I have to give a big ol' "HOW RUDE" to the two listeners that have called me "Un-Lady-Like" since I've started my Job at Cat Country.

Let me just start by saying I've NEVER received a comment like that in my LIFE. If you knew my mother...there's no WAY I'd say something "un-lady-like" without hearing about it from her first #proper #poised #perfect 

But out of 23 years of life, in the last 4 months I've been called un-lady-like on two separate occasions:

The 1st: Joe & I were discussing the topic of "Accidentally grabbing something off the shelf at the store thinking it was something else, and not realizing it until you got home" 

  • I mentioned how I went to the store looking for "lady products" and accidentally picked up bladder control applicators that were ominously large.

The 2nd: I lost my train of thought & said, "Oh my goodness, I'm having a brain-fart!" 

Verbatim--that's all I said.

Excuse me ladies but can someone please explain to me how discussing normal functions of life/the body are something the world DOESN'T already know about?!

Girls. Fart. WOAAAHHHHH I said it! Shocking right?!
Wait excuse me... let me be more proper here: Girls "pass gas", my apologies.

I forgot, I'm not allowed to use the "F" word. But boys are!
I forgot, I'm not allowed to talk about my OWN feminine parts. But when Joe says "boobs"--it's ok!

Alright, let me breathe for a second.
I'm not here to yell (sorta) but let me just conclude my rant by saying, Thank you!
Thank you for taking time out of your day to call us and let us know the REAL issues that are going on in the world right now. And for shining a light on some of the things that would actually be considered "refreshing" to worry about rather then the world of terror that we currently reside.

Thank you.
Much love, no hate.

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