Today's Daily Dose of Good comes from Sherry Ellis on behalf of The Pierce family from Millville. Beth Pierce is a single mother of 3 boys who drives a school bus to make ends meet to raise her family. She has done everything she possibly can to support her family; And as a family friend, Sherry's son Ed has even moved in with Beth to try and lend her a helping hand with the boys.

However, life has taken a turn for Beth against her favor, when an electrical outlet short circuited and sparked a house fire. Leaving the Pierce family with absolutely nothing, and taking the lives of their 2 family pets. As of now, the boys are living with their Grandparents so they can continue to school in Commercial Township, however; Beth is living with friends in Millville due to space.  There's nowhere for them to go so that the family can all stay together, at the rate of Beth's income. The children are devastated at the loss of their pets, and now separation from their mother. In which case, the community has gotten together to help bring the Pierce family back together in a happy and safe place.

A GoFundMe page has been created to help the family rebuild, get new clothes, and hopefully some furnishings for a temporary home. Check out how you can donate by clicking the link below:

You an also call Sherry Ellis at 856-421-3009 for more information on how to donate/help. As for the family's sizes for clothing donations, they're as follows:

  • CJ (son) - Pants 30 x 30 Shirt L/XL Shoes 6
  • Bentley (son) - Clothes 5/6 Shoes 13 Kids
  • Xavier (son) - Clothes 8/10 Shoes 2
  • Beth - Pants 12 Shirts L Shoes 8
  • Eddie - Pants 38 Shirts 2x Shoes 12

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