Got power? Atlantic City Electric now says 91% of us who lost power are back on-line.

*Think you have suffered this week? No electric? No air-conditioning? That's nothing, considering what football quarterback Drew Brees has had to endure. According to the Associated Press, "He can't negotiate with another team and could be forced to settle for a one-year, $16.3 million deal if he cannot reach a new long-term deal." Forced to settle for $16.3 that's suffering. Our thoughts go out to his family.

*I'm good in bed. I stay on my half, and never hog the blankets.

*Hey, Ocean City, great fireworks. But, the crappy radio station you used to provide musical accompaniment sounded.... well, crappy. We were by the Wonderland Pier and the sound had plenty of static over the speakers.

*Comedian Gallagher admits he's homeless and broke. You would have thought one could make a good career with a sledgehammer and watermelon.

*Officials are warning people not to take photos of their credit cards and post them online. Apparently, this has actually become a problem... duh.

*I don't think our newswoman Jill Myra has ever been in a bad mood.

*Today's garbage day on my street. Everybody's tossing out the spoiled food today. Smells great.....

*A vanilla ice cream cone in summer is better that anything they make on the Food Network.

* I tried this hot dog trick yesterday.... and it was great!

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