The long, cold, dreary winter kept most of us indoors for our workouts, but the warmer weather means we can finally take our fitness outside.

If you spent a lot of time on the treadmill this winter, getting outdoors for a jog can liven up your fitness routine.

Jogging is terrific for our heart and lungs, it improves our stamina and it can burn calories more quickly than walking. However, running does put more stress on the joints. Running outdoors is often much different from the treadmill.  Because we don’t have a moving belt helping to push our body forward, we do more of the work.

When switching from indoor outdoor running, start slowly. Get good running shoes, and, for women, a quality sports bra. And pay attention to your running surface. Paths and grass are softer, but they're uneven.  Concrete is harder but smooth.  The boardwalk provides a smoother surface with the flex of wooden boards, and of course, a view of the beautiful ocean – one of my favorite places to run.

Whether it’s running, walking, tennis, basketball, biking or whatever you do – enjoy the nicer spring weather and take your fitness outdoors!

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